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LDAP Admin Tool Features:

1. Easy Ldap Management
Supported Platforms:

Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT
Red Hat, Suse, Ubuntu, Fedora & Other Linux ..
2. Easy Active Directory/ADAM Management and Administration
3. Connect to directories locally, remotely or using SSL
4. Easy SSL
5. Export data in excel, csv and ldif formats
6. Import data from ldif files
7. Create/Edit Password using SHA, SSHA, MD5, SMD5 and CRYPT
8. Tabbed Browsing
9. Drag and Drop
10. Simple and Advanced Search
11. Multiple LDAP Bind
12. SQL Syntax Search
13. Mass Update using sql like syntax
14. Powerful attribute editors
15. Access multiple directories
16. Browse Large directories
17. View all available attributes
18. Customization according to your needs
19. Multiple entries/directory sizing
20. Both windows and linux versions available
21. Schedule SQLDAP Select to LDIF, CSV and Excel ‡
22. Run LDIF, CSV and Excel Export from command line
23. Schedule Exports to File System and/or send them through Email
24. Schedule LDIF, CSV and Excel Export using Windows scheduler or Linux cron

LDAP Admin Tool - A GUI LDAP Browser, Editor and Administration Tool

Access multiple directories

LDAP Admin Tool allows you to access OpenLDAP, Netscape/iPlanet, Novell eDirectory, Oracle Internet Directory, IBM Tivoli Directory, Lotus Domino, Microsoft Active Directory, ADAM or any other LDAP v2 or LDAPv3 directory server. You can also connect to multiple directory servers simultaneously and copy data across servers.

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